Care For Earth
The S/S 2017 ‘Cosmic Exploration’ Campaign – Series 1
PEET DULLAERT devotes itself to help to protect our Earth’s Biosphere and support families to plant their way out of poverty.
Read more about our ‘Care For Earth – Plant For The Future’ approach here.

“Light is life; the Sun literally carries the weight of the world and other planets in our Solar System, bringing life and warmth onto the Earth we live on, affecting our every move.
Sun and Moon in harmony; incredible forces of nature together, let us see as we transition from day to night.
We carry the faith of Earth and therefore it is our responsibility to keep our planet safe. Protect her, and with that all it’s inhabitants from irreversible damage resulting in global warming and deliberate destruction of peace.
We must unite and prevent our world from reaching the tipping point, or unrecoverable harm devastates Earth’s biosphere and with that all of mankind.
Unite and care. Together is the future.” – Peet Dullaert
A concept by Creative Director Peet Dullaert. Photographer Robbert Jacobs captures model Sam van Humskerken and Peet Dullaert.
Styling by David Gomez Villamediana, beauty by Carlos Saidel – House Of Orange and casting by Mitch Macken – MM Casting.
Shape embracing all genders – “Seeing beyond to re-define”